Wine Industry

The wine industry is a growing business that needs effective storage management.  It has been known to be a fragile yet popular industry that continues to expand in time. The proper wine-making process would include its fermentation process to how it is packaged. With that, wine companies need sturdy metal containers for the storage and transportation of their products.


Why Get a Metal Wire Container for your Wines

Our quality wire containers guarantee secure storage management for wine bottles of different sizes, shapes, and styles. Aside from being flexible, they ensure no damage or breakage happens to the bottles. 

Our team also offers customization to make sure the container is just what your company needs. Such modification includes adding nameplates, forklift guides, wheels, and other accessories that would contribute to the productivity and efficiency of both operations and works. 

There is no doubt that the demand for wine is increasing. With that, our wire containers are specifically designed to carry out bulk storage in the warehouse. These metal cages are resistant to corrosion and fire, which allows them to last longer than common containers. They are also safe to use for the workers. 

These wire containers can adapt to any warehouse size. Just because they can carry large volumes of wine bottles, that does not mean they are not space-savers. In fact, these steel cages can be easily disassembled when not in use. You can save up to 70% space once you fold the containers. 

Why Choose HML Pak

HML Pak provided high-quality metal containers to various industries, most especially to wine companies. They offer durable and reliable cages at an affordable cost. HML Pak also pays attention to its clients and their needs. Hence, they make recommendations, modifications, and even add accessories to your containers to make sure the company meets its goals.

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