Post Pallet and Nestainer

Smart and efficient storage solutions

Most, if not all, industries have specific needs and requirements when it comes to product storage. HML Pak is just the metal product manufacturer and solution provider that understands what these businesses required. Our post pallets and nestainers are popular products for storage. Both pieces of equipment offer the convenience of a traditional pallet as it stores boxes and regular loads. They are also deemed as the most flexible containers since they cater to irregular-shaped or uncommon types of load.

Why Get a Post Pallet?

Known for their durability, post pallets from HML Pak are made of steel and have a hot-dip galvanized finish. This feature allows it to withstand up to 1500 kilograms. Its unique metal finish makes it resistant to corrosion or any withering agent and even makes it suitable for outdoor use. It has sturdy tubular steel and cup feet that help these containers stack up to four levels high. Depending on the load type or available space, our post pallets have removable arms to save space and facilitate better storage.

Why Get Nestainers?

For users who opt for safe, secured, and simple stacking solutions, HML Pak nestainers are a perfect choice. This equipment is known for its smooth handling and storage flexibility. What makes our nestainer racks extra special is its feature to distribute weight. Quite similar to post pallets, its durability allows them to get stacked one above the other. Hence, nestainer racks can keep the excellent condition of the products regardless of the compression from having several containers stacked on top.

Benefits of HML Pak Products

There are many advantages of getting post pallets and nestainers from HML Pak. Both products are well-designed to withstand heavy weight without taking too much space, allowing workers to operate and maximize productivity efficiently. Unlike other product brands, post pallets and nestainer racks are easily installed and disassembled — even a single worker can do the job! Our products are also customizable. Clients can request additional features, depending on the need or requirements of their business.

Choosing HML Pak

As the most reliable material handling and storage solutions provider, HML Pak continues to be the top choice for prominent production lines and logistics industries. Our team of experts guarantees on-time equipment delivery and services at a budget-friendly cost. 

We offer a wide range of metal products and services that ensure our clients get the best innovative logistics solutions their business needs.

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