Cage Pallet

    • Cage Pallet – HML-NF1

      A storage solution that is classified, durable, and long-lasting is here in the form of a pallet cage. It has an exterior dimension of 1200L×800W×1000H mm. The lightweight but durable material, mild steel Q235, creates an ideal low weight-to-load ratio. The cage-like structure will efficiently store all the goods and products because it has a load capacity of 800kgs, with a half-drop gate on one long side. This pallet cage is perfect for warehouse, logistics, mass retail, the recycling industry, and many others.

    • Cage Pallet – HML-QT7

      HML’s cage pallet is compatible with the standard Australian pallets with unit clips straight onto a plastic or timber pallets for strength for warehouse storage. This cage is fully collapsible, with 10units taking the same space as one fully assembled. For warehouse and storerooms with limited space, this is the best storage to go because it is stackable and provides full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation, and cleanness.

    • Cage Pallet – HML-QT9

      For complete safety and protection to all the goods stored in the warehouse, Huameilong metal pallet cages indeed are an optimum solution. The metal pallet cages are durable, economical, and can be an alternative to disposable packing. This pallet cage offers a four-way entry for easy use with lift trucks and standard half-hinged gate access. The zinc, hot-dip galvanized, and powder coating makes them perfect for prolonged use in the warehouse. Their design is done with the concern to make things easier for the workers in the warehouse.

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