Roll Container

    • Roll Container – HML-BY05

      Here comes the perfect nestable roll container for your warehouse With a good loading capacity and high durability this container will prove beneficial for your warehouse. It allows for easy nesting of goods.


      The wheels in this roll container are tested for performance multiple times. There will be no breaking down issue and the movement will be smooth and

    • Roll Container – HML-BY07

      Fast and efficient movements of goods are one of the biggest challenges faced by every worker inside the warehouse. The 2 sided A-frame roll container is the best solution for transportation and distribution problems faced by many. It is widely known as durable and robust, ensuring items are safely and efficiently transported. Our roll container is made from high-quality mild steels and offers a safe working load of about 300kg-600kg. We provide customizable options in the same so that you can get the perfect roll container for your warehouse.

    • Roll Container – HML-BY07-1

      Here comes the perfect roll cage trolley for your warehouse! HML’s roll cage trolleys are some of the most widely used products in the retail and supermarket industry. The two-sided frame roll cage enables fast and efficient replenishment. Our roll cage trolleys are demountable and can be erected and dismantled rapidly when not in use. These wheeled roll cage trolleys are incredibly useful and versatile with good and safe loading capacity and high durability this container will prove beneficial for your warehouse.

    • Roll Container – HML-BY09

      Yes to large and bulky goods! Huameilong 4Sided Warehouse Roll Cages is made of durable and robust steel, making them strong enough to withstand more loading. This type of roll cage is often used for logistics distribution in supermarkets. The products or goods stored inside are carefully protected, which makes it more phenomenal. These material handling cages can carry a weight of 500 kg, which is very labor-saving, resulting in highly profitable results for the warehouse.

    • Roll Container – HML-RB1001

      A roll cage warehouse that will make the working conditions simple is the best choice! This roll pallet container is widespread in countries like Japan and Korea. They are widely used for logistic transport, supermarket, auto parts industry, laundry, etc. The wheels of this roll pallet are of phenomenal quality and will allow smooth movement without any difficulty. With a strong reinforced design, roll pallet container satisfies all the needs for the perfect cage in your warehouse!

    • Roll Container – HML-SC1579

      Here comes a reliable tarp system that ensures a safe and more secure movement of goods inside the warehouse. It protects valuable products and minimizes shrinkage. The panel fence provides a more efficient transporting process by reducing installation and wrapping time. At HML, we offer customizable options to color, pattern, or logo for a more professional look.

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