• Stillage – HML-BEM

      The stillage container is designed to manage different logistics and warehousing operations. Each unit complies with the safety standards and is an ideal solution to storage needs.

      It is known to be coated with robust zinc powder finish. This container can be disassembled quickly. They can save space and easily be transported to another place. Such transportation is possible with a forklift or pallet trolley and can be stacked in high levels.

    • Stillage – HML-GW1

      This storage stillage is specially designed for the PET Preform industry, and the main sales market is South America. Compared with cartons, stillage are more durable, thus saving costs.

      From the thickness of the wire gauge to the material used for manufacturing. Every single specification is mentioned in such a manner that it makes these containers a good industrial storage solution.

    • Stillage – HML-T1

      Stillage is widely used in warehouse storage or transportation of goods. Stillage can reduce the time required to load and unload the product during transportation to a warehouse or end user.

      The crates can be stacked up to four layers, and can be folded and stored when not in use. Make better use of warehouse space.

    • Stillage – HML-T7

      The Stillage Cage offers a secure and protective arrangement of goods in the warehouse. These stillages are the storage container that has proven to be highly beneficial for different industries. The vertical storage can stack up to 4 high, which allows you to maximize floor space. This hot-dip zinc stillage is also free from all the issues like corrosion and rusting. Our stillages have a half drop-down gates, allowing direct access to inventory. At HML, we customize dividers, hinged/ removable lid, casters, forklift guides, and runner bars for specific requirements.

    • Stillage – HML-TR3

      HML-TR3 is specially designed for storage in the furniture industry. The best storage of the shelf is to maximize the use of the storage space of the warehouse without damaging the quality of the goods, while ensuring the safety of workers when handling the goods.

      Metal stillage is designed to storage and handle cargo more efficiently. It normally has posts, and base, with folding and stacking function.

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