Tire Rack

    • Tire Rack – HML-TR1

      For your warehouse here comes highly durable and strong tire racking system with a classic capacity. This racking system has a loading capacity of 600kgs with an exterior dimension of 2290x1100x1250 mm. Unified specifications, fixed capacity, storage at a glance, easy for warehouse inventory. With mechanized handling equipment, it can be used in transportation, handling, and storage, etc. It can be stacked high to increase space Utilization rate, up to four high can be stacked. When not in use, it can be stacked to save space. The tire storage rack is mainly used for the storage and transportation of heavy tires and is used in logistics centers.

    • Tire Rack – HML-TR6

      Tires are heavy and difficult to store. They take up a lot of space and can be a really inefficient use of space. This industrial tire rack can be safe to keep goods. Space and load capacity for each tier is larger than common commercial shelves. It is easy to assemble and there are 2 forklift channels at the bottom, which can be moved by forklift. For painting our structures, we use powder paint on metal, this type of paint has high strength and resistance to mechanical stress, corrosion, and temperature changes.

    • Tire Rack – HML-W6060

      HML can provide you a tire rack storage that won’t break even if you need to store a large volume of tires for passenger and light. One of our most popular designs is the all-steel 60″ x 60 racks with removable posts forklift and clamps. This modular tire stacking rack can be used to meet several warehousing requirements.

      Our stacking racks are specially designed to hold 4 or 5 stacks of 7 or 8 tires. The steel plates are free from any corrosion or rusting. The 60″ x 60″ is one of the most economical tire storage systems, particularly in initial outlay.

    • Tire Rack – HML-W7272

      The 72” tyre rack is a storage system for a large volume of passenger and light truck tires. To be specific, this 72” x 72” stacking rack is optimized to hold 6- 9 stacks of 7 to 9 tires. Stacking tire racks also provide density and efficiency. Large tire manufacturers and distributors generally use our stackable tyre racks for ample scale tire storage. These tyre stacks are flexible storage racks. This can be disassembled when not in use, which makes it great for return journeys.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WFD

      HML’s Passenger and Light Truck tire pallet rack for tires are much more versatile than the pallet racking or mezzanines used in tire warehouses. These portable and modular racks are easy to stack and move around with a fork truck. There are a few essential features that every tire storage rack must provide. It includes durability, efficiency, and eases while using.

      Each folding & stacking tire rack can hold 28 to 32 tires stored on their treads. With the four middle bars removed, 40 to 50 interlaced tires can be saved. We also have customizable options in the same to meet your specific requirements. Hence, our stacking tire pallet rack is a highly economical solution for large volumes.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WFTR

      For meeting your specific warehouse needs and requirements here we introduced this strong and heavy-duty warehouse tire rack. This tire rack allows easy stacking solution and you can easily accommodate a different range of tire in this rack. The stackable tire racks are stackable up to four high, which improves your storage density and efficiency. This feature also helps you take advantage of unused space and improve the safety of your space. They secure the tires and keep them from falling and injuring staff. They also keep the floors clear, which prevents personnel from tripping. The color of the tire racks can be customized, and the surface treatment of the powder layer reduces rust.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WLR

      Systematically organize tires in your warehouse with this classic tire rack. The Laced Warehouse Tire Rack is a storage system for high volumes of PCR-SUV tires. This tire rack allows easy stacking solution, and can easily accommodate a different range of tire in this rack. It can hold 24 to 32 PCR-SUV tires or 34 to 50 PCR-SUV tires, depending on tire diameters.

      Many tire distribution centers and warehouses use this lac tire rack with removable posts to quickly unload tires from trucks. It can also be used in shipping high volumes of tires. The best part about this rack is that it requires almost no maintenance.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WSR

      These tire racks are generally used by large tire manufacturers and distributors for large-scale tire storage in warehouses or distribution centers. The tire stack is flexible storage rack. These tire racks can be disassembled when not in use. Stack racks used as tire racks can be stacked 4-5 racks high allowing you to better utilize the cubic space of your warehouse. To store and keep your tires safely without any damage, this is the perfect pallet rack. The tire pallet rack has a highly durable structure and presents itself.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WTBR

      Tyre stillage is equipped with four removable corner posts to reduce shipping costs and save space in the tire warehouse. It can rearrange floor space quickly and simply than pallet racking. With a load-bearing capacity of 1100kg, multiple tires can be placed. It regains 80% storage space when folded and can stack 4-5 layers when used. This is an open racking system. It thus offers complete visibility. Tires from this rack can be easily accessed.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WTR

      The Metal Tire Shipping Rack is designed to move large numbers of tires from place to place. This solution offers flexibility and comfort, making it easier to move around plus reducing space requirements. HML’s Metal Tire Shipping Rack can hold 50 to 80 tires at a time. To make the most available vehicle space or warehouse space, tires must be interlaced in the shipping rack. This rack has portable modular racks, making it easy to stack and move around with the fork truck. It also rearranges floor space quickly than pallet racking. Our tire racking solution fits for every purpose.

    • Tire Rack – HML-WUTR

      The Tire Storage Rack is designed for storing wheels and rims vertically. Tire racks make the stacking and arrangement of tires quite easy within a cage. It allows you to reduce wheel handling and hold 8 to 9 wheels per row, placed side by side with a tire capacity of about 72 to 81 pcs. The tire storage rack made of mild steel Q235 material will give an optimum arrangement to the tires. What’s great about our tire storage rack is that it can be folded down to save floor space during slower periods. It has removable posts that can save 80% of the storage space and an optional bottom wire mesh and forklift guide.

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