Wire Container - JP Series

    • Collapsible Wire Mesh Container

      For your warehouse or storage industry here comes the perfect zinc-coated solution with enormous strength and durability. The classic collapsible wire mesh containers by HML wires are wisely designed in a mesh structure that makes them strong and durable.

      With these containers there comes almost zero maintenance. The collapsible features save a great deal of space that proves to be highly beneficial for any warehouse. So, get these economical containers for your warehouse today and improve the economy of your industry.

    • Wire Container – JP Series – HML-L2

      Compared to the other traditional containers, Huameilong wire containers offers an efficient and affordable way to optimize storage and warehousing. Our containers reduce both storage costs and return-transport footprint and vertical stacking with optional stack guides for additional security. It has the advantages of a neat and convenient storage capacity that can be folded freely.

    • Wire Container – JP Series – HML-W1

      Strengthen your storage capabilities with collapsible welded wire mesh containers. Our containers have a low weight-to-load ration, which means more stock and less container is moved. Inventory levels are visible, making it more easy to monitor even when the containers are stacked several units high. It also eliminates rust, which gives improved strength and longevity. They have a half drop gate that allows access when stacked.

    • Wire Container – JP Series – HML-W10

      Wire mesh container-also called storage cages and butterfly cages. They are an important type of logistics container in storage and transportation and can be widely used in various industries like PET Preform bottles and plastic caps. A “U-shaped” steel beam reinforces the bottom of the wire mesh container with high strength and high load capacity; it can be stacked four layers, achieving a three- dimensional storage.

    • Wire Container – JP Series – HML-W28

      This light-duty metal wire mesh container is very popular in many industries, widely used for material handling, transportation, and storage. Huameilong wire mesh container is perfect for the storage and transportation of PET Preform bottles and plastic caps. Every part of this wire container has its advantages, and they are all combined to support a stable and rigid structure of the wire container. It is made of high-quality steel with galvanized, and a powder coating finish that strengthens the structural integrity, anti-oxidation, and has a long-term service life.

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