Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-NR1302

Nestainer storage racks combine efficiency, flexibility, and safety into one versatile rack system. Nestainers can stack heavy objects in high places and store them in multiple layers. When not in use, nestainer racks nest away—converting storage space back into usable floors. Also, it allows visual inspection of the stored product and permits easy material segregation.

This rack also helps you save large cargo items with a loading capacity of 1000 kg. Using this rack eliminates double handling, reducing overall material handling costs.

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Main Features

√ Safe, secure and simple stacking
√ Increased storage space utilization: stack up to 4 high
√ Improved labor/ equipment efficiency: providing material transfer & storage -eliminates double handling
√ Increased handling and storage flexibility: when not in use, they nest away, converting storage space back into usable floor space.
√ Prevents products loss due to a compression damage caused by stacking a top products


External dimension 1300x1200x1200 mm
Interior dimension 1200x1150x1000 mm
Safe working load 1000 kg
Stackability 4 high
Loaded units / 40HQ 160
Finish Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat
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