Roll Container

Why are Roll Containers Popular?

Roll containers are the most sought-after equipment in various industries. They offer easy transportation and logistics efficiency. 

Roll containers from HML Pak highlight its anti-theft and security features. The material used for this container is highly durable and is known to resist any corrosion or other weathering conditions. Our roll containers are also the ideal equipment for better business operations. Workers can install and manage our roll containers without the help of any tool. When not in use, the equipment can be folded and save up 70% space and cost.

The unique advantage of products from HML Pak is that our products are highly customizable. Our team aim to boost business efficiency, and we conduct an assessment to achieve that. From there, we can make adjustments on the roll containers to ensure businesses can achieve their goals.

Roll Container Overview

HML Pak roll containers are made of mild steel and finished with galvanized iron. The cage can be built with either two, three, or four walls. Its castors may be fixed or swivel. There are also different types of wheels that customers can choose. Based on the work environment, customers can select from nylon, rubber, or swivel brake. 

Since we customize our metal products, buyers can order for extra features to their roll containers such as bar code labels, textile straps, detachable shelves, and printed I.D. plates. Our manufacturing team would be more than happy to serve your requests.

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