Steel Pallet

Durable Space-Savers for any Warehouse

HML Steel Pallet is known for its durability as it can withstand above average weights as compared to similar metal products. It offers the best support for wire mesh containers since it can be both stacked one on top of the other or lifted through its forklift guides. Because of these features, steel pallets have been popular requests in the warehouse and logistics industry.

Steel Pallet Overview

Our steel pallets are finished with a zinc or hot-dip galvanized coat, which prevents rust and corrosion. They also have a unique feature that helps distribute product weight evenly. Buyers can enjoy the advantage of the flexible features of steel pallets. They also promise a longer lifespan when compared to other types of pallets. One of its best benefits is being able to maximize load while consuming less space at a cheaper cost. It is also considered a clean container with its open mesh that prevents any storing of bacteria or moisture.

Steel pallets are easy to use since it has a simple installation process. They are also safe for users since it does cause any splinter or prone to fire. 

Why Choose HML Pak

Being the most trusted smart storage solutions provider, HML Pak guarantees to deliver the best value in the fastest turnaround time at a reasonable cost. We are a one-stop service provider for all material handling needs and innovative storage solutions.

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