Steel Tire Rack

The Metal Tire Shipping Rack is designed to move large numbers of tires from place to place. This solution offers flexibility and comfort, making it easier to move around plus reducing space requirements. HML’s steel tire rack can hold 50 to 80 tires at a time. To make the most available vehicle space or warehouse space, tires must be interlaced in the shipping rack. This rack has portable modular racks, making it easy to stack and move around with the fork truck. It also rearranges floor space quickly than pallet racking. Our tire racking solution fits for every purpose.

  • Model No. HML-WTR
  • Ext. Dim: 96"x66"x51
  • Tire Type: Passenger car & SUV tires
  • Tire Storage Method: Laced
  • Basic Info
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Specifications :

  • Ext. Dim: 85"x 48 1/2" x 50"
  • Loading Capacity: 2400 lb. / 1100 kg
  • Max. Stacked(open): 6 high
  • Tire Type: Passenger car & SUV tires
  • Tire Storage Method: Laced

Main Features :

  • Stackable modular racks
  • Easy to stack
  • Rearrange floor space quickly and simply than pallet racking
  • The foldable structure makes loading, revolving, and storing much convenient. It can be accumulated to save space when it is not used.
  • It is proper for moving work of foreman crane, traveling crane, lifter, trolly, and a hydraulic pallet truck.
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