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Stillage cages have many uses for different industries. HML Pak ensures to provide the best quality, aiming for logistics efficiency and business success. With this, our stillages are deemed to have exceeded the standard expectations. These containers have durable structures, specially made to endure heavy loads. This feature even made our stillages popular to the storage, transportation, and warehouse industry.

Key features of our Stillage Cage

Stillage cages from HML Pak are made to suit various requirements of any business. Every container is made of steel with the galvanized or colourful powder-coating finish. It is built with wire mesh sides and a sheet metal base. Its sturdy stacking rim allows it to carry 1000kg load while being stacked up to four levels high. For a safe and secure installation process, our stillages have self-locking handles. A forklift guide or pallet trolley can also be added to transport the container easily.

Why should you get an HML Pak Stillage Cage

These containers are the best option when it comes to durability, organization, cost-efficiency, and space-saving. Its open mesh structure provides better visibility to workers and improved ventilation for the goods. The drop-down gates also pave easy accessibility to the products inside. Since our stillages are collapsible, they can be installed within seconds by a single worker in the absence of any tools. 

Stillages have many uses and benefits that contribute to the operation’s efficiency and success. More companies are placing their orders for this top-quality equipment. Work smart at an affordable cost. Send your request to our team today!

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