Textile & Fabric Roll

We at HML Group manufactures different kinds of racks that suit the textile and fabric roll industry. Our storage racks are specially designed for handling & storing rolls of fabric, non-woven fabric & carpet textiles.


Why use Stacking Pallet Racks?

Storing fabric rolls and textiles within a warehouse or stockroom requires a specific style of racking that provides enough depth to cope with long rolls of cloth. At HML Group, we can provide the best stacking racks and quality-type storage systems for your industry.

  • Efficient and effective management of all the textile and fabric roll products. The racks are easy to use and can store long fabric rolls, which reduces the amount of used floor space.

  • It provides easy accessibility of apparels whenever required with the help of storage and stacking racks.

  • Our racks offer a highly durable & aesthetic powder-coated finish that makes pallet racks just a one-time investment. Hence, once purchased, these racks will continue to enhance your textile company’s growth and performance.

  • Ease in logistics management in the industry with the help of efficient racks. A safer work environment by reducing potentially dangerous steps for storing materials.

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