Tire Industry

Providing a solution to sufficient and adequate industry storage is what we offer. Our tire racks are perfectly designed for handling different tires. With HML Group, we will not only help you easily manage your tire handling system, but we will also make sure to keep your workers safe with the stacking tyre racks we are offering.


Why use Tire Stacking Racks?

  • They improve tire storage and transport efficiency by allowing tires to be stacked and removed easily. Tyre storage racks are also great for businesses that need to move tires around frequently, as they can be rolled on and off of trucks quickly and easily.

  • The tire rack is a cost-effective way to handle tires. The frame is made of high-strength steel tubing, which makes it has longer shelf life and lower maintenance fees.

  • Tires can stack safely on a tire rack, and this helps to keep them from being damaged or dirtied. In addition, tire racks help to keep the people who are handling the tires safe.

  • Tire racks can stack up to 4 to 6 high, are an excellent way to maximize storage space in a warehouse or workshop.

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