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Tire Rack

Tire Stacking Rack

HML Material Handling have been manufacturing and supplying tyre racks for nearly 30 years. We supply many different pallet racks to a variety of industries such as engineering, automotive, manufacturing, logistic and packing, etc.

What Are Tire Stacking Racks?

A tire stacking rack is a device used to store tire stacks in an organized and efficient manner. There are mainly two designs:

Detachable Post : Equipped with 4 solid steel posts that can be removed from the main body of the rack. It allows you to prepare orders before the rush hour by stacking them up to 4 to 5 high.

Fold-down : These Fold Downs offer a wide arrange of versatility. They are used for storing large quantities of tires or for smaller quantities of tires. Stack your tires on-tread, or lace your tires on the racks. When not in use, fold down the sides for easy storage.

Both types of racks provide a stable and secure way to store tire stacks and are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different tire types. A well designed industrial tire rack usually helps to keep the tires organized and stored safely, also helps to prevent the tires from being damaged during transport.

Hot Designs

View our range of tire racks below, or contact our team to discuss your requirements to get a customized one.

  • Ext. Dim: 60"x60"x60"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV

  • Tire storage method: Barrel stacked

  • Ext. Dim: 72"x72"x72"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV

  • Tire storage method: Barrel stacked

  • Ext. Dim: 80"x80"x60"

  • Tire type: Truck, Bus & OTR

  • Tire storage method: On the Tread, Barrel stacked

  • Ext. Dim: 85"X 48 1/2" X 50"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV, Truck & Bus, OTR

  • Tire storage method: On the Tread, Laced

  • Ext. Dim: 2438x1118x1803 mm

  • Tire type: Truck & Bus, OTR

  • Tire storage method: Barrel stacked

  • Ext. Dim: 72''x50''x68''

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV

  • Tire storage method: On the Tread, Laced

  • Ext. Dim: 71 1/2" x 49 1/2"x 68 1/2"

  • Ext. Dim: 96"x46"x51"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV tires

  • Tire storage method: Laced

  • Ext. Dim: 96"x66"x51"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV tires

  • Tire storage method: Laced

  • Ext. Dim: 2290x1100x1250 mm

  • Ext. Dim: 93 1/2" x 40"x 54 1/2"

  • Tire type: Passenger car & SUV, Truck & Bus

  • Tire storage method: On the Tread, Laced

  • Ext. Dim: 90''x40''x52''

  • Tire type: Truck & Bus tires

  • Tire storage method: On the Tread

Custom Options

Bottom mesh decking

Allow employees to step on it to manipulate tires and and to prevent them injuries.

Fork guides

Enable proper picking with the forklift. It can also be installed on all the sides.

Bottom steel plate

You can choose the material of the bottom plate from plywood and iron plate.


Move it wherever you need by simply pulling. It's possible to choose the size and material of casters.

Wire mesh guard

You can choose the material of the bottom plate from plywood and iron plate. Drilling is also possible.


Why use metal tire racks?

Why use metal tire racks?

Improve efficiency

They improve tire storage and transport efficiency by allowing tires to be stacked and removed easily. Tyre storage racks are also great for businesses that need to move tires around frequently, as they can be rolled on and off of trucks quickly and easily. In addition, heavy duty tire racks can be used to store tires in a variety of sizes, making them an essential piece of equipment for any business that deals with tyres.


The tire rack is a cost-effective way to handle tires. The frame is made of high-strength steel tubing, which makes it has longer shelf life and lower maintenance fees. Its foldable and detachable design allows you have low return trip cost which makes the stackable tyre rack a good choice for businesses that need to transport tires frequently.

Safe storage

The racks are made with a sturdy steel frame that can support the weight of multiple tires. The leg-wrapper folding system or cup design feet provide extra stability so that the sides stand completely square and still. Robotically welded, you can trust that this rack is both solid and built to last.

Additionally, tires can stack safely on a tire rack, and this helps to keep them from being damaged or dirtied. In addition, tire racks help to keep the people who are handling the tires safe. They provide a stable surface for people to stand on, and they also help to keep the tires from rolling around. As a result, tire racks are an essential part of keeping both tires and people safe.

Increase storage space utilization

Tire racks can stack up to 4 to 6 high, are an excellent way to maximize storage space in a warehouse or workshop. By storing your tires on a rack, they can take up less floor space, leave more room for other items and can be easily accessed when needed. With a little bit of creativity, they can be used to create additional storage space that would otherwise be wasted.

What can tire storage racks be used for?

Tire storage racks are an essential piece of equipment for any business that deals with tires. They provide a safe and effective way to store tires while keeping them organized and out of the way. They are a versatile and affordable solution for storing tires of all sizes and types.

They can then be used as a permanent storage solution, and are particularly popular across the following industries:

  • Warehousing

  • Transportation

  • Automotive dealerships

  • Textile & Fabric

  • Food

  • Packing and more

What can tire storage racks be used for?

The best tire rack for you

The best tire rack for you

Product QC Management

Our strict production process ensures that the company delivers high quality goods to customers. They go through many steps in order for us be able produce top-quality products, from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished products, so you can be confident about what's going into your business!

Inspection Report Before Loading

Before we load your order, our sales and QC team will go through every product again and give you a detailed inspection report, to make sure the racks are in perfect condition with no unqualified items being sent out!

Container Loading Inspection

We know that shipping containers can be dangerous. That's why our inspectors have to check the structural stability and no signs of damage on these before loading them into a truck or ship, then making sure everything is secure!

1 Year Warranty

We warranties our products for one full year if you use them properly and don’t subject the item to rough handling such as overloading, outdoor exposure in wet conditions or harsh chemicals.

Process System

The Whole Process & Estimated Time

HML Group will take care of everything from manufacturer, clearance and logistics to making sure that you don't have anything else on what's an already busy schedule.

This means no more worries about finding a reputable truck tire storage racks supplier - HML Group has got your back!

Solution & Design

Our team will take the time to understand your needs, offer several solutions and discuss them with you before we move forward. At last, we will discuss the design and confirm a final drawing for production!. The process takes about 3 days from start-to finish but can be shorter or longer depending on how many questions are raised during our meetings together.

Manufacturing & QC

Once the final drawing is confirmed, a team of 200+ people who work tirelessly to manufacture your order using advanced equipment. We guarantee strict QC from raw material to finished product for an unmatched experience you'll be satisfied with!.
The whole process usually takes 30 days based on how many items are being made in total - sometimes, however, delivery times are extended for special reasons, such as the revision and confirmation of first sample, or other uncontrollable factors.

Customs Clearance & Loading

Once the products are packed, the trucks will arrive at our factory to pick up your products to the port, then wait for customs clearance. It usually takes about 2 working days to get everything processed!

International Delivery

We're shipping your foldable tire racks soon! Once they arrive, you'll receive a notification. Shipping time is about 15-45 days which varies depending upon where in the world it's going to be delivered too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things You Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about a steel tire rack.

Do you support custom sizes?

Custom-sized orders are always welcome! We have an MOQ request for this particular project, but if you need any help with your order or questions feel free to contact us.

How long is the useful life of tire racks?

The lifespan of your racks can vary depending on how you use them, but generally they last 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. There are many cases where the tyre stillages themselves may be used for more than this period as well!

What are fork tubes?

Fork Tubes provide extra strength and help assist your lift truck's forks and assurance your rack is being lifted to the exact location.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods I ordered?

We want you to get your racks as quickly and efficiently possible, so we work hard on making sure that every order goes through the production process with no hiccups. It can take up around 4 weeks from start-to finish. But may take longer with customization. This is because we ensure that every customized rack you order is uniform and high quality.

Is the load capacity per unit or for the total stacked units?

The load capacity is per unit. Each unit can support its own load capacity plus the weight and load capacity of the stacked racks above. Example: You can stack 5 units all containing 1 100 kg (2 400 lb) each for a total of 5 500 kg (12 000 lb) in a vertical stack.

Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?

When things go wrong, our customer support team is here for you. They'll provide the assistance needed to make sure your experience with us has been a positive one!

What do I do if my order is delayed?

We have a detailed delivery schedule. We'll keep you updated about any potential delays or complications. In case of any force majeure, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, please expect minimal delays in order processing and delivery.

How to specify a tire rack?

In order to supply the stacking tire rack that best fits your specific application, the following information is needed.

  • Brief description of the items to be stored.
  • Tire/load size
  • Type of rack entry desired(2 way or 4 way).
  • Weight of tires/load.
  • Stacking height desired.
  • Are there any unusual loading conditions?
  • Are special accessories/designs desired?
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