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In the tire industry, the main focus would be nothing but the tires themselves. The choice of tire racks is a significant factor influencing not only the tire conditions but also to the entire business operations as well. Hence, every warehouse owner and project manager ought to choose the equipment that contributes to efficient workflow and maximum productivity.

Tire racks in Huameilong are the most popular products when it comes to tire management. These containers are known for their durable material and flexible functionality. Keeping the tires in place and facilitating better tire management, these racks in Huameilong is the best equipment investment that any tire business can have.

Get Your Own Rack Manufactured

Huameilong is the leading material handling equipment provider throughout different industries. Our years of experience in the material handling industry has geared us with extensive knowledge and skills on logistic solutions and needs of various businesses. 

Huameilong delivers top-quality services at budget-friendly rates. Every equipment is also guaranteed to be transported on its expected turnaround time or even earlier. Our reliable team focuses on giving a comprehensive guide and assistance to all our clients. We give out the best value in every step of the process — from placing an order up to the final inspection. Huameilong is the one-stop-shop and equipment supplier for all innovative storage and logistics solutions.

Why Get a Tire Rack?

Key features of an HML Tire Rack

Our products are designed to maximize load while consuming only minimal space. These racks can be loaded up to four levels high. Tire containers can be stacked twenty levels high, especially for those with closed structures. They also vary in size, based on the kind of tires being loaded. In most cases, they can carry a maximum of 60 tires, whether these are large, heavy-weight, light, or small ones. Every product guarantees long-term durability as it is made of mild steel and finished with powder coating or galvanized iron.

Benefits for the Business

Every tire rack is built with a portable, modular frame that ensures a sturdier and longer weight grasp. When there is a need to transport tires, clients can request to install forklifts. The racks have removable posts which can be taken out if managers opt for a different use for these racks. 

Every product can be easily installed and disassembled by a single person. It is also the ideal space saver since workers can fold the rack when not in use and save up to 80% storage space. As mentioned, all HML products are highly customizable. Hence, clients can request any additional accessory depending on the requirements of the business.

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