Wire Mesh Container — EU series

Boost Logistics Efficiency with Wire Mesh Containers

HML Pak provides a variety of versatile and highly durable wire mesh storage containers suitable for different purposes in any industry. The use of these cages has been so vast and flexible that it has become one of the most sought-after metal products across different industries.

Wire Mesh Container Overview

HML Pak’s wire mesh storage containers are highly durable as it can carry up to 1000 kg load. It has either full or half-drop gates for easy accessibility. With one of our wire mesh containers, you can keep an adequate amount of area. Our products are stackable up to four levels high, which saves up the floor space. Every container is easy to install and disassemble.

Among other equipment providers, HML Pak produces the most hygienic and convenient design for wire mesh containers. You can easily clean the spaces in between metals. Its visibility also allows for better accessibility and contributes to a brighter environment.

The best part about HML metal products is that they are highly customizable. Customers can add features they prefer or as required by standards. Such add-ons include dividers, hinged or removable lids, casters, forklift guides, runner bars, and PP sheet or PP hollow sheet. For a more personal touch, HML offers printed ID plates with the name or logo of your choice. 

Why Choose HML Pak

Being the most trusted smart storage solutions provider, HML Pak guarantees to deliver the best value in the fastest turnaround time at a reasonable cost. We are a one-stop service provider for all material handling needs and innovative storage solutions.

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